Petition Calling on President Obama to take a stand on Dakota Access’ Bakken Pipeline

President Obama has made tackling climate change one of his signature issues. The only way we will reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases is to start with the reduction of fossil fuel usage and to deny energy projects that pose a threat to our climate. With uncontrolled wildfires in California, record floods in Louisiana and the hottest July on record. The time to act is now.

Right now, Dakota Access is proposing a 1,134 mile-long crude oil pipeline that, if built, will carry up to one million gallons of crude oil per hour, increasing fossil fuel consumption and threatening our air, water, land, property rights and climate. It is proposed to go through tribal lands - lands that belong to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation as stated in a treaty with the United States. The US government has no right to hand over this land to a private oil company.

The pipeline was approved without conducting a rigorous Environmental Impact Statement, without proper consultation with the tribes as required by law and without regard for the treaty, our water, air, land and climate.

We, the undersigned, do hereby call on President Obama to take a stand. The President must recognize the treaty with the Standing Rock Sioux and take a stand to protect native lands, our environment and our climate. THe president must revoke teh Army Corps of Engineers permits that have already been issued, deny the pending permits, and stop the Bakken Crude Oil Pipeline once and for all.