Tell Army Corps of Engineers to deny pipeline permit

One of the final roadblocks in the way of Dakota Access beginning construction on their proposed Bakken crude oil pipeline is a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Currently, the Army Corps of Engineers is only evaluating the pipeline in individual segments, state by state, rather that evaluating the pipeline and its cumulative impacts.  

We call on the Army Corps of Engineers to scrap their piecemeal process and evaluate the Dakota Access proposed Bakken Pipeline in its entirety.

In addition, the Army Corps of Engineers must take the potential impacts of this pipeline very seriously, and at the very least, require an in-depth and thorough environmental impact assessment. It is irresponsible not to conduct a thorough assessment considering the devastating impacts spills from these kind of pipelines pose.

After a thorough environmental impact assessment of the entire project, the Army Corps of Engineers should deny the permit request altogether and put people, our water, and our land before profits for big oil.

Sign our petition to tell the Army Corps to conduct a full environmental impact statement and to deny the permit! 

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